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Sites I find useful to keep up to date with industry developments. 

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Bank of England

Email alerts for News, Speeches, publications and announcements.

New regulations, supervisory statements, interest rate decisions and emerging themes in policy direction. The quarterly Monetary Policy Report also sets out commentary on the state of the economy.


Insurance ERM


A good website for insurance news in the UK and across Europe. They are a good central source for company and regulatory news. Sign up to daily or weekly email alerts.


(Subs c £1k pa. for 2023 with a free month's trial.) 

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Professional Pensions

Good news website, with a focus on the UK pensions industry. Trends, de-risking deal news, people moves etc. They also offer daily email updates.


(Free subs for pensions professionals.)


SII Technical Data

1) Bank of England

SII information such as solvency II risk free rates, fundamental spreads etc, published monthly.


The equivalent for European firms. Also contains really useful Technical Documentation explaining how the technical information is derived.

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